The program

Beyond success reality
for Generational wealth

what is included

The program starts every 1 st day of the month. Costs USD 500. Minimum attendees -1 person. Maximum attendees per month – 30. If you upgrade to EMF program later this amount will be deducted from your EMF payment.

Within the first 14 days of starting you program you will have full money back guarantee option. Especially if you do not see any value in what this program is offering. It is too hard for you to accept the model of reality presented to you. You can not see any valuable application for you. This is not your model of the world and you do not want to accept any other possibility that other working models exists.

The objective is within 30 days to become confident about

In the 1st week; The Reality Construct of Excess and Scarcity

In the 2nd week; Generating Wealth and Abundance

In the 3rd week; Processes. The way beyond success, wealth and abundance

In the 4th week; Observation, Measurement and Feedback. KPI

1 hour per day within a month.

  • Listens to the daily content up to 20 mins.
  • What I am doing in the moment differently? Listing up to 20 mins
  • What can you apply from today forwards. Action list – 20 mins.

4 weekly 2 hours Zoom Q&A’s with Alex. Every Monday 5 p.m. U.K. time. You post any question you have during the week. They are answered every Monday

4 weekly 2 hours Zoom Community Calls with Alex. Every Friday 5 p.m. U.K. time. You can share any AHA moment, any hardship or anything else you have experienced during the week. During this 2 hours you are the star.

Prices Beyond Success
Reality Program

1 month Beyond Success Reality Program Group 20+  persons – USD 500. If you upgrade long term to a higher payment program this amount will be transformed into a bonus voucher for you. 

30 videos in 4 weeks, each. Calls made in convenient time zone for the small VIP Group. Usually held 5 p.m. UK .

Watching all the 30 videos, up to 30 mins each. Up to 2 hours per week.

Weekly up to 2 hours community calls, where topics of the weekly videos are discussed

What is learned during the current week?,

What are the insights?

What is implemented?

What has improved?

All that are willing to share are welcomed

You will be able to have long term interaction with like-minded long term community within hour LinkedIn group.

USD 500 paid upfront.

All your money are 100% guaranteed. You can quit anytime. After the 1st week if you decide, that you like the program and the format is working for you, the amount is non-refundable.

All the risk during your participation in the program will be bored from us.  Even if you decide in the last day that you actually have made a mistake and that you have changed your mind and that the program has not given you the value all your money will be refunded.

Your real life satisfaction and ability to receive the expected results and value from the program is the most important one for us.

The objective is within 30 days to become confident about

Week 1 The Reality Construct of Excess and Scarcity

Day 1 – The 4 Qs of Reality and how they interact with each other

What is Reality and why it is dissected this way? – 5 mins

Influencing Reality’s 4 Quadrants – 5 mins

Q4 – The Wealth Creation Quadrant that validates who we are – 5 mins

Why are we multiplying creatures? – 5 mins

Day 2 – The Reality Source of Excess and Scarcity

Why is Excess allowed? – 5 mins

Why does Scarcity exist? – 5 mins

What is an Asset and how to find it? – 5 mins

True Wealth is to be connected to the Source of Wealth! The ultimate asset – 5 min

Day 3 – Ultimate Strategic Positioning

What is man and why are we created the way we are? – 5 mins

Limitless inside – 5 mins

Surrounded by limitation – 5 mins

Connected to the above and below. Border zone creature – 5 mins

Day 4 – The ultimate VALUE of who we are

Why are we created generic and shaped in uniqueness? – 5 mins

The Emptiness around that is uniquely created for us to fill – 5 mins

Dare to give your GIFT of value! The world needs the expression of who you are – 5 mins

Become a GIVEABILITY being – 5 mins

Day 5 – The 2 invisible universal ASSETS we are to manage

Paying Attention – 5 mins

Spending Time – 5 mins

Fixing the Probabilities – 5 mins

Creating Time – 5 mins

Day 6 – Interactions and relationships – Distinguishing and Correlating

Border zones beings who have the interaction super power – 5 mins

Bound to interconnection, enjoying relationships – 5 mins

Contracts, Covenants, Obligations, Laws and Orders keeping the construct – 5 mins

Correlation management. Compared to what? The perspective.


Everything is in motion for a reason – 5 mins

Creating flows from within – 5 mins

Navigating the flows in the 4Qs – 5 mins

Nothing to hold, nothing to be attached to, surrendering to flows increases strength, the vastness and the deepness of the current – 5 mins

Week 2 Generating Wealth and Abundance

Day 1 – Money is a LIMITATOR indicator of the current

Universal exchange mechanism as currency liquidity indicator and value allowance – 5 mins

Money is an obligatory note in the physical sense but holding intrinsic invisible meaning of liquidity and value when widely recognized by ALL as such – 5 mins

Credibility of Money based on TRUST – 5 mins

Money has no Value in itself but is a store of a POTENTIAL to be used – 5 mins


Day 2 – Store of Value

Money is not a store of value but of a potential and future opportunity – 5 mins

Value is based on the unique individual’s desirability, scarcity, its utility and its usefulness, that’s why it fluctuates and shifts – 5 mins

What is appreciated appreciates. Following the tendency of the future value – 5 mins

The constant never changing and always appreciating value which is only accessible by our gratitude and the realisation and the awareness of the expression of the source of all – 5 mins

Value is internal awareness of appreciation – 5 mins

Value everything in its proper order – 5 mins


Day 3 – Assets are the wealth Generators

The Primary asset the I AM and it’s expression we call the SELF and how it generates income – 5 mins

Physical assets generating revenue – 5 mins

Non-physical assets generating revenue – 5 mins

Assets are to be collected – 5 mins


Day 4 – Owning Assets

The only way to Wealth is owning assets – 5 mins

Owning comes with responsibility to maintain the assets – 5 mins

Assets can become a Liability if not maintained – 5 mins

Good assets are generational wealth and should never be sold – 5 mins


Day 5 – Stewardship

Detached from all you own. Stewardship allows ownership to be beneficial for all – 5 mins

Responsibility and temptation of the EXCESS – 5 mins

Assets are to be benefit and value generators for all – 5 mins

Balance of benefit and value to all against profit – 5 mins


Day 6 – Wealth Enjoyment and Consumption

The primary Law of giving and reasonable consumption – 5 mins

All human beings are limitless and Excess does not make some humans more Limitless – 5 mins

Withhold Excess for self is lack of trust in the Source. Give and it will be given! Withhold and it will be withheld from you! – 5 mins

Trust in the Source is what creates giving flows! – 5 mins

Always being ready, willing and eager to give away all shows your level of detachment – 5 mins


Day 7 – Wealth and Abundance creates SELFLESS beings

Scarcity makes the SELF and survival cycle prevalent. “I” become more important than others! – 5 mins

Wealth and abundance makes the beneficial cycle prevalent. Others are also to be considered! –  5 mins

Why the pyramid of 5 % wealthy and 95 % poor people is creating a low consciousness society? – 5 mins

Why we as limitless beings are to encourage the IMPOSSIBLE? 95 % wealthy and 5%  cared for – 5 mins

UBI and Universal Equality is betraying our consciousness – 5 mins

Week 3 Processes. The way beyond success, wealth and abundance

Day 1 – The Fundamentals of Multiplication in the Individual

Fruitfulness and multiplication processes – 5 mins

Human beings have no powers but can consciously generate reality – 5 mins

The generating power creates fruitfulness by the conscious expressions of doingness – 5 mins

Multiplication happens through the innovative tools that humans invent or replicate – 5 mins


Day 2 – The hyper ability of collaboration and cooperation creating mighty egregors we call organisations or legal entities – 5 mins

Only humans have the ability to cooperate and collaborate in large numbers – 5 mins

Transformation of the “fruitless class” into beneficial conscious supporters of the progress and growth – 5 mins

Slaves or conscious givers for the benefit of all -5 mins

Conscious organizations that support and rise the significance of the individual – 5 mins


Day 3 – The common and greater good that benefit all

Sustainability or exploitation. The balance of existence – 5 mins

To harm or to benefit – this is the question! – 5 mins

Greater good worth sacrificing for is only possible when ultimate justice is prevalent! – 5 mins

Goodness can flow only from the inside out if allowed, supported, encouraged and cherished. – 5 mins

The Individual is beneficial for all and all is beneficial and supporting the individual – 5 mins


Day 4 – Nature and society

Nothing is needless, unnecessary, redundant or superfluous in Nature. Diversity has its meaning, place and purpose – 5 mins

Harmonious society only when each one is needed and his uniqueness appreciated and supported – 5 mins

Society is build one deed at a time towards the human rightful place in the Construct of Reality – 5 mins

Self-governing of conscious beings that benefits all or Government that support lawfulness


Day 5 – Individual beings expressing fruitfulness and multiplication

Only wealth creation that is beneficial for all is supported long-term as remaining – 5 mins

Always go for what is long-term and generational – 5 mins

Enriching yourselves by enriching others – 5 mins

Multiplication through speculation or compounding the small daily wealth creation steps – 5 mins


Day 6 – The fundamental process of growth

100x in nature happens only through transformation of seeds into fruits – 5 mins

Instead of multiplying seeds transform them into fruits that consist in them the multiplication of seeds – 5 mins

The additional benefit of multiplication of the seed. The benefit of the fruit – 5 mins


Day 7 – The transformational processes of material assets into non-material assets and vice-versa


Seed to fruit and fruit to seed requires usage of the transformational process that is there for us to use – 5 mins

Use material assets to transform them in non-material treasures – 5 mins

Use non-material assets to transform them into material assets – 5 mins

Stop being afraid of losing when transforming wealth but enjoy and trust the process – 5 mins

Week 4 Observation, Measurement and Feedback. KPI

Day 1 – The Power of objective and unobstructed observation of what is

Reality is always the expression of who you are! – 5 mins

Instead of ignoring or complaining, influence! – 5 mins

When observing constantly only then you can see the unseen processes of wealth creation – 5 mins

Wealth creation is so obvious that we ignore it and fail daily – 5 mins

Always accept what is – 5 mins


Day 2 – Measurement

Measuring of the gain gives us confidence of the improvement processes – 5 mins

Measuring of the gap can place us into creative and shifting modes – 5 mins

Measure always yourself and your personal expressions – 5 mins

Measuring the unmeasurable – yes it is always possible! – 5 mins


Day 3 – Key performance indicators

Monitor the positive and the negative KPIs – 5 mins

Everything is reversible every moment. A new future is always available – 5 mins

Long-term wealth creation processes can only be used not distorted – 5 mins

Adaptation to KPI on daily basis – 5 mins


Day 4 – Feedback against delusion

Success leaves clues – 5 mins

Feedback and results speak louder than words – 5 mins

Focus and rule the cause – never the effects! – 5 mins

Enjoy your achievements with gratitude of the processes that made them possible! – 5 mins

Results and achievements do not validate the I AM but the working processes do! – 5 mins


Day 5 – Wealth creation tools

Good debt – 5 mins

Good multi-dimensional assets – 5 mins

Good timing – 5 mins

Good networking – 5 mins


Day 6 – Types of assets

Basic and fundamental assets – 5 mins

Commodities, resources and energy – 5 mins

Real-estate as multi-dimensional asset – 5 mins

Stocks, bonds, derivates, indexes – 5 mins

Crypto, NFTs, meta, virtual assets – 5 mins

Mergers, acquisitions and business buying – 5 mins

Risk of investment – 5 mins


Day – 7 Be a wealth creation example

Dare to be a wealth creation example – 5 mins

Focus on what matters to you; don’t go after FOMO! – 5 mins

Wealth seems as one of the least important things of life yet is one of the fundamental and existential thing for our wellbeing – 5 mins

Be unique and authentic wealth creator that is as humble and insignificant as the least of all the human beings! – 5 mins

Would you dare?

Beyond Success Reality Program for Generational Wealth