Are You Successful in One Area of Life and Fail in Others?

As a ruling reality coach I train overachievers to successfully:
• Apply limitless mindset.
• Rule their life
• Allow their inner world to lead in their outer world.
And live a life beyond success…

About Alex

Alex Ermenkov is a self-made millionaire and an Entrepreneur in Pharmacy and Real Estate business. He owns a company with more than 60 products represented on the market. He als is a co-owner of a Real Estate Company working in Bulgaria, Greece and Dominican Republic.

He is married with kids and his hobbies are fitness, fencing and charity.

Alex is an entrepreneur, founder, and investor with limitless mindset, high dreams, endless passion and relentless drive.

He is a Ruling Reality Coach.

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Alex's Featured Keynote

My passion is to help others achieve impossible goals and success in all area of life. Extraordinary coaches are incredibly authentic. They know themselves deeply. They’ve done a lot of self-work, and they know how to use their strengths and navigate their weaknesses. Their authenticity is incredibly magnetic to attract clients and powerfully fuels their ability to create lasting transformation in others. They know how to manage their reality.


Reality Positioning Maturational Programs

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Thank you Alex, I came out of that session feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulder again! I feel like I am going to break a huge barrier, one that not only impacts on work life but my personal life too.

L. Genoff, Digital marketing agency owner